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Ball Gag – Pink


Ball Gag - Pink

The ball gag you love in pretty pink! This flirty & feminine adult toy will get you excited at just the thought of becoming the submissive type as your partner takes control in the bedroom. With the comfortable, breathable design & adjustable strap you can wear this beautiful S&M accessory for long periods of time without problem.

This also makes it perfect ball gag for first timers. Keep your partner quiet as you concentrate on exploring more important aspects of your new sexual adventures. Forbidden Toys has an incredible range of quality S&M toys to add to even the kinkiest collections & this girly ball gag will not disappoint!

Comes in a cute toy bag.


Premium Bondage Kit – Purple


Premium Bondage Kit - Purple

With more couples realising the pleasures that come with S&M Sex Toys we are proud to introduce yet another kinky addition to our BDSM range our Premium 8 Piece Bondage Kit in a fashionable purple & black colour! This complete kit contains everything you could possibly want for a night at home in your bedroom ‘dungeon’ ! Tie your partner up with the rope, put the ball gag in their mouth & use the whip to show them who the naughty sub really is. Just one of so many imaginative dominating combinations with this great Premium BDSM Kit! Comfortable padded restraints for hours of enjoyable play with buckles for adjustability to suit all. This BDSM kit is a must have for all that are serious about adding kinkiness on a new level to their bedroom fun!

Colour: Purple + Black

Material: PVC, Cotton & Metal

Packaging List 8 Pieces:

1 x Ball Gag

1 x Handcuffs

1 x Ankle cuffs

1 x Collar with lead

1 x 5M Rope

1 x Blindfold

1 x Nipple Clamps

1 x Whip


Wrist to Ankle Bondage


Wrist to Ankle Bondage

Your naughty partner isn't going anywhere with this raunchy & restrictive Wrist to Ankle Bondage Sex Toy! Live your wildest fantasies, your partners arms & legs bound in the air at your mercy.. Or bent over almost touching their toes needing a good whipping or ready for intimate entry without argument! However you choose to use this kinky bondage kit one thing is for certain, they won't be able to escape the S&M Bondage ecstasy!

Size: Total Length: 64 CM; Wristcuffs: 26 CM in circumference; Anklecuffs: 30 CM in circumference
Material: Nylon, Velcro
Colour: Black
Securely binds your partner's wrists to their ankles
Closes with an easy Velcro closure