Male Masturbator – Vaginal Shape

Male Masturbator - Vaginal Shape $16.50

Male Masturbator - Vaginal Shape

This great quality, male masturbator has been designed with the realistic look and feel of a vagina, inside and out. Every aspect of this male masturbator has been crafted to provide the most incredible, life-like sensations from the soft lips at the opening to tight, firm entry and textured inside for his unlimited pleasure. You can even heat the toy slightly to experience the warmth against your shaft and if that wasn’t enough, the toy produces a blow job like suction sensation that will make you lose control and leave you wanting more.

Whether you are in need of a handy device to improve your solo act or would like to practice for the main attraction, the vaginal shape male masturbator from Forbidden Toys makes a superior addition to your naughty sex toy collection.


Male Masturbator - Vaginal Shape $16.50

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